Make a lasting memory with creative way to present a special gift

It’s always a nice touch to add a little charm to your presents by putting some extra thought into how you hand them over. The way you present it says a lot about how you truly feel about the person.

You’ve purchased a gift for someone special and can’t wait to see his or her face when they open the gift. You can have a lot of fun with the “big reveal” itself, and it doesn’t have to take too much extra effort. Plus, you’ll also be giving them a great story to tell every time they show off the gift.

Anyone can make dinner reservations and deliver a beautifully wrapped gift box over dessert and candlelight. But the truly inspired can elevate the act of giving and receiving into an experience itself. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

The improbable delivery person

Your recipient might already be expecting a gift from you for an upcoming occasion and logically thinks you will be the one to present it. That’s where you can introduce confusion that leads, ultimately, to a happy surprise.

Find someone the recipient would never think would give a gift. The obvious first choice would be a small child, or an obedient pet that’s not averse to having a small box attached to its collar, or a neighbor who can pretend he got your postal delivery by mistake

The fake-out

A bit of creative packaging can make your gift look like something completely different. The trick here is to sow seeds of disappointment (perhaps even outrage!) that quickly turns to joy. There are different kinds you can choose according to the recipient.

Pack the original gift in a prank box that will make them wonder if such a product really exists. A prank box is an empty box that could be used to pack anything. It has a bit of a shock value that can sometimes lead the recipient to laugh hysterically or maybe sometimes feel too scared to open the gift!

Start with the empty box from some utilitarian, decidedly non-sexy item — housewares like office supplies, cleaning products, hardware tools and the like are ideal. You may have to gently prompt the person to keep digging to find it, but that won’t wreck the surprise.

The treasure hunt

This scheme takes a little more work but is so much fun to plan. The goal is to have the receiver figure out the location of the gift by answering a few questions or following a few clues until the person finds the hidden gift.

It is completely up to you to make this treasure hunt for the surprise gift as long or as short as you like. You can hand in an additional clue if the player is not able to figure out the right answer. This will prevent the treasure hunt from falling apart.

The discovery

This is where you hide your gift somewhere the recipient will stumble upon it, getting a pleasant surprise. It needs to be somewhere they go regularly, like a drawer, cabinet, etc that they use daily, but don’t expect to find a gift there. Another option is to leave the gift out on the kitchen table in the morning, next to their bed, on their driving seat, on the coffee table, on their study stable.

A person’s reaction is magnified when they see something unexpected, but it also depends on how you pack it!

The magical moment

Decorating their room is an inspiring way to make the surprise gift reveal even more special. The room decoration could be romantic, fun etc. You can also decorate the room based on a theme, something that you think the person likes.

If decorating the room is too much of a hassle and you simply don’t have enough time then keeping it simple, but still special is the way to go. For ages, candlelight has been associated with special occasions- birthdays, candlelight dinner, special or festive events etc. Lights are the hallmark of any celebration, so got ahead and take out all the candles.

Drive to surprise event

Plan the party at unexpected place to make it extra surprising. Act as if you have nothing special planned for the day. Ask a family member or a friend to help host the party at their place.

Let the person feel a bit miserable before you take them to the best party in town!

Surprise tickets to an event

Get them tickets to watch their favorite sports athlete/ team play or check if their favorite singer is playing in town.

You can also gift them their favorite sports team or artist’s t-shirt as a gift with the event tickets attached to the t-shirt like a clothing label.

Special gift delivery

Receiving a surprise gift in the mail is a big surprise in itself. But to add to it make the gift box interesting as well.

Pack the gift in a boring regular mailing box, as usual, but decorate the inside of the box. Use wrapping paper, tape, sticker and all the fun stuff to decorate the box. Make it look fancy, artsy, romantic, birthday themed etc.

The box will be a big surprise and all the work you did to decorate the box will speak volumes as to how much you care for them.

Surprise Visit

Everybody is so busy in their life that sometimes we don’t have the time or we just forget to go meet with our loved ones.

Has it been a while since you visited them? Maybe the best surprise gift they can get is to see you!

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