Best gifts for your colleagues they will actually want

Office friends are underrated! Regardless of the conspiracies and jealousies involved in the office environment. There are always some close friends with whom you spend a huge amount of time and develop a great bond with them naturally.

Nowadays when many of us are working from home because of the ongoing pandemic, we certainly miss meeting special colleagues. While situation is still uncertain and we don’t know when things will come to normal to meet our friends. We can send them a gift whether it’s their birthday or not, to let them know that you are thinking about them.

We have collected best gift ideas for your colleague working from home. Give them a special and meaningful gift that will make remote working more convenient for them.

Sony noise cancelling headphones

Concentration is an important factor for working which is difficult to obtain in a home environment. These noise canceling headphones will help your colleague to concentrate while working from home.

Home office lap desk

Working in a home environment can be a little messy and disorganized. Let your friend work in convenience with this home office lap desk. This inventively designed desk will keep your friend’s things organized and his lap cool and comforted.

Temperature control smart mug

Let your work friend take some handy coffee breaks in between work with this temperature control smart mug. This mug can keep the coffee or tea perfectly hot for up to 80 minutes so your colleague can drink his hot coffee even while working.

Desk organizer/bookshelf

Help your colleague to organize his messed up home office desk with this desk organizer cum adjustable book storage case.

Desk lamp

Good lighting is a very important factor while working. Gift this LED desk lamp to your colleague and help him create a better work environment in his home.

Healthy snack box

Working from home can always lead to some unhealthy snacking. Gift your colleague a box full of Healthy snacks so they fulfill their snacking crave without worrying about their health concerns.

Fitness tracker

Exercise is even more important when you are working from home as you don’t have any physical activity.This easy to use fitness tracker is a useful gift to your colleague working from home as he can keep track of his daily physical activity.

Motivational wall art

Send some positive vibes to your work from home friend through motivational wall art quotes. This wall art will be a perfect addition to anyone’s home office to keep them motivated.

Home office chair

Working in a home environment can be uncomfortable because of non availability of work friendly equipment. A comfortable chair has a lot to do to create a comfortable work station because sitting in a bad posture will lead for a long time will give anyone a backache. This chair will let your friend work comfortably from his from and alleviate his back pain.

Wireless phone charger

This wireless charger will help your friend charge multiple devices Simultaneously without any fuss of tangled wires everywhere and its’s sleek and classy design will look good on any work desk.

HD Webcam

Home working often requires video conferences and meetings. This HD webcam will help improve their video quality so they can connect better with co-workers.

Spa Gift Set

It’s so easy to forget about yourself when you are continuously working from home. Give your home working friend a relaxing and soothing experience with an amazing spa set. This will also work as a reminder for them to take out some time for their selves.

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